Exporting to a Download

Exporting under the free plan is limited to the first 100 characters per highlight. This provides a preview of the export functionality in the professional plan. Please support us and Upgrade your account to remove this limit.


Exporting to a download allows to export your Kindle Highlights to one of the Supported Download Formats.

File Format
Excel 2003
Excel 2007
ODS Sheet
ODT Text
Word 2003
Word 2007

This guide below will show you how to perform your first export to a download. Please refer to the Next Steps section at the end for more advanced formatting options.

Selecting Content to Export

When you perform an export the Kindle Highlights that get exported are determined by what is selected in the left hand navigation menu.

In this example we will choose to export all of our Kindle Highlights.

  1. Click the Export icon in the left toolbar.
  2. Or, click the Export menu item in the left hand navigation menu.

Clicking either of the options above will take us to the export page with All highlights selected. Alternatively, you can navigate directly to the export page.

You can also select individual books, search results, tag results to export. For more information, see Selecting Content to Export

Selecting the Download Format

Choose the download format by first ensuring you are on the File Downloads tab and then clicking the desired download format. In the example below, we are choosing PDF

  1. Select the File Downloads tab.
  2. Select PDF.

After you have selected an integration will see a summary of the export that you are about to perform. You can also choose options regarding how you would like your export formatted, we will stick with the default settings for now and cover these in the Export Options Guide.

  1. The Options section allows you define advanced export formatting options. We will leave these as default for now and cover them in the Export Options Guide.
  2. The Summary section shows you a summary of the export. It covers what content is getting exported, which download format you have selected, and how many books and records are getting exported.
  3. Click the Start Export button to commence the export.

Export Complete

When your export completes you will be able to download your export.

  1. Click the Download File button to download the file to your computer.
  2. The Export Summary details how many highlights were exported.

Next Steps

Congratulations on performing your first export to an Integration.

In the guide above we exported using the default export settings, as next steps we recommend reading the following two articles.

Exporting Options Guide which covers the various export options.:

  • Change the Export Options page option
  • Change the Kindle Annotation Types which are included.
  • Change the sort order
  • Change the Citation Style.