Navigating your Kindle Highlights


Quickly navigate your Kindle Highlights using the left hand navigation menu. The menu can be collapsed and expanded using the three bar icon directly below the icon at the top left of the screen.

Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu is broken into five sections to help you effectively find and organise your Kindle Highlights. The five sections are Quick Links, Recent, Books, Imports and Tags

The Quick Links section of the navigation menu allows you to quickly navigate to the main sections of the explorer.

  1. Navigates to the Dashboard page. See the Dashboard Guide for more information.
  2. Navigates to the Import page. See Importing your Kindle Highlights.
  3. Navigates to the Export page. See Exporting your Kindle Highlights.
  4. Shows all of your Kindle Highlights, across all of your books, in the Explorer.
  5. Shows your favorite Kindle Highlights in the Explorer. For more information see Favoriting your highlights.
  6. Shows your deleted Kindle Highlights in the Explorer. See Deleting your Kindle Highlights.
  7. Navigates to the Settings page.


Access your five most recently highlighted books in the recent section.

  1. Select a book to display the book's highlights in the Explorer.


In the Books section of the navigation menu you can search your books, group your books into collections, and delete your books. For more information about book collections and deleting your books see Organising your Books into Collections and Deleting your Kindle Highlights.

  1. Quickly filter the books list by typing in the search input.
  2. When you first import a book it will be added to the uncategorised book collection.
  3. Book collections can be expanded be clicking the folder icon.
  4. Edit which books are in a collection by clicking the cog icon.
  5. Click a book to display the Kindle Highlights associated with it.
  6. Click the trash can icon to delete a book. Deleting a book also means that it will be ignored in future imports.
  7. Click the Create new collection menu item to create a new collection.
  8. Click the Deleted books folder icon to expanded the list of deleted books.
  9. Click a deleted book to show it's deleted highlights.
  10. Click the restore icon to restore the book and it's deleted highlights. Restoring a book means that it will also be included in future imports.


In the Imports section of the navigation menu you can see all of your imports, download backups of your imported files and download imports and their associated Kindle highlights.

  1. Click on an import to show all of the Kindle Highlights in the Explorer that were added in that import.
  2. Click on the download icon to download a copy of the file that was imported. This will either be the My Clippings.txt file of the Html for the Amazon Kindle Highlights page.
  3. Click on the trash can icon to delete the import and all of its associated Kindle Highlights.


In the Tags section of the navigation menu you can see a list of all of your tags. You can also select and tag and show it's associated Kindle Highlights, and delete a tag. For more information of tagging see Tagging your Kindle Highlights.