Plans & Pricing has two pricing plans, a Free Forever Plan and a Professional Plan.

The free plan provides everything you need to import and manage your Kindle Highlights within The free plan enjoys all of the same functionality for importing, viewing and editing your Kindle highlights that is included in the professional plan.

The difference between the free plan and the professional plan is that exports under the free plan are limited to the first 100 characters per highlight. This provides a preview of the export functionality included in the professional plan.

Free Plan

The free plan contains the following functionality:

  • Import your Kindle Highlights
    • Unlimited imports and highlights. There are no limits on how many Kindle Highlights you can store or how many imports you can perform.
    • Import highlights made on Amazon books or personal documents. Import your highlights regardless of whether they were made on Amazon purchased books or on personal documents uploaded to your Kindle device.
    • Automatic Deduplication of your highlights. Your Kindle highlights are automatically deduplicated regardless of how you import them or how many Kindle devices you own.
    • Automatic backup of your highlights. Never worry about losing your Kindle Highlights, your Kindle Highlights are safely backed up online.
  • Manage your Kindle Highlights
    • Edit your Kindle highlights. Edit your Kindle highlights directly in the browser and add additional notes.
    • Search your Kindle highlights. Search all your Kindle highlights across all the books you've ever highlighted instantly.
    • Tag and organise your Kindle highlights into collections. becomes your Commonplace book to manage everything you've ever read.
    • Open in Kindle
  • Export your Highlights
    • Under the free plan exports are limited to the first 100 characters per highlight.
    • Import your Kindle Highlights into your favorite integrations including Evernote, Dropbox, One Drive, One Note, Google Drive.
    • Download your Kindle Highlights to popular file formats like PDF, Word, Excel, Markdown, JSON and text.
    • Advanced Formatting. Define exactly how you would like your Kindle highlights to be formatted including options for citation styles (Chicago, MLA, APA) and the ability to include tags and notes.
    • Export your Kindle Highlights automatically to your favorite integrations whenever you import your highlights.

Professional Plan

The professional plan removes the 100 character export limit and includes everything in the free plan. The professional plan costs as little as $1.99 per month, when purchasing the yearly plan, which we discount at 33%. We also have regional pricing based on your preferred currency.

Regional Pricing

To ensure our prices are fair in all regions we use the Big Mac Index.

CurrencyMonthly PriceYearly Price (33% Discount)
AUD$3.49$27.48 (equivalent $2.29 per month)
BRLR$11.99R$94.68 (equivalent R$7.89 per month)
CAD$3.49$27.48 (equivalent $2.29 per month)
CNYCN¥11.99CN¥95.88 (equivalent $7.99 per month)
EUR€2.49€17.88 (equivalent €1.49 per month)
GBP£1.99£15.48 (equivalent £1.29 per month)
JPY¥199¥1,548 (equivalent ¥129 per month)
USD$2.99$23.88 (equivalent $1.99 per month)

Payment Methods

We use Stripe to safely handle all of our payments, this means we never store your credit card details.

We do not currently support AliPay or WeChat, for Chinese customers we support UnionPay cards.